Please search through about 100 Collingbourns (spellings vary) born 1735-1920 to find links to your family. Please contact me (David Empson) at dempson5252@gmail.com or via the comments box. Good luck!

Name Birth date Death date Spouse Birth location
AlbertAbt 1880  Gloucester England
Albert Edward1872   
Alfred9 Jun 1871 Birch, SarahEngland
AlfredAbt 1900 Guest, Florence MurielEngland
AliceAbt 1880  Gloucester England
Amey 'Elliah'30 Aug 180523 Dec 1819 England
Ann27 May 1770  Shur(d)ington Glou England
Ann1805  England
Ann11 Nov 1820  Gloucester England
Ann25 Dec 1825  England
Anne14 Sep 1792  England
Arthur23 May 187323 Jan 1954Shepherd, Sarah AnnEngland
Arthur21 Feb 190119 Apr 1980 England
Beatrice MayAbt 1880  Gloucester England
Caroline4 Sep 1814  Gloucester England
Caroline1847  England
Charles30 Nov 1828  Bentham Gloucester England
Charles Edwin24 Jul 1844 Tandy, HariotGloucester England
Charles VaughanAbt 1880  Gloucester England
Charlotte Jane1867 Bankhead-Browne, JamesKensington, Middx England
Eliza1851  Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
Elizabeth17 Jun 1764  Leckhampton Glos.England
Elizabeth31 Dec 180925 Mar 1838 England
Elizabeth AnnNov 186129 Aug 1948Fox, Arthur WilliamPaddington Middx England
Elizabeth Jane16 May 1847  Gloucester England
EllenAbt 1880  Gloucester England
Emyath22 Feb 1824  England
Ester22 May 1785 ANGEL, WilliamShurdington Glou England
Esther 1807  Gloucester England
Fanny9 Mar 1823  Gloucester England
Fox, Grace Collingbourn25 Aug 19032 Dec 1985Brown, Robert GeorgeLondon England
Fox, Viola Collingbourn23 Apr 1905Jan 1986Lingwood, WilliamEngland
GeoAbt 1830  England
George30 Dec 1802 HarrietEngland
George25 Nov 1820 Unknown, AnneCharlton Kings Glos England
George9 Sep 1829  Gloucester England
George Joseph13 Aug 1838 SarahGloucester England
George JosephAbt 1883  Gloucester England
Hannah25 Dec 1800 JohnEngland
Henry13 Oct 1816  Gloucester England
Henry17 Oct 18301890 Norris, SarahBadgeworth, Gloucester England
Hubert Fredrick5 Oct 1886UnknownWoodger, Mary EthelGloucester England
James William30 Oct 1841 unknown, MargaretSt Nicholas Gloucester England
Jane1809  Gloucester England
Jean21 Feb 1922 Smith, Michael GrahamUK
JohnAbt 1740 MaryEngland
John10 Mar 176724 Jan 1834Beach, Eliah or AmyLeckhampton or Shurdington Glos.England
JohnMay 1793 Bullock, HannahBadgeworth Glos.England
John19 Jan 1794  England
JohnAbt 1830  England
John1844  Badgeworth, Gloucester, England
Jonathon31 Dec 179623 Dec 1847 England
Kathleen Mary21 Feb 1916  Gloucester
Martha28 Jan 1776  Shurdington Glou England
Mary7 Feb 1773  Leckhampton Glos.England
Mary1805  Gloucester England
Mary Ann12 Sep 1836  Gloucester England
MaryianeAbt 1830  England
RichardAbt 17381805Hinder, MaryShurdington Gloucester England
Richard15 Apr 1804  England
Rose27 Sep 1898  England
Rosina1844  England
Sarah30 Dec 1781  Shurdington Glos.England
Sarah12 May 1822  England
SarahAbt 1850 Creed, unknownEngland
Sarah AnnAbt 1870  England
Sarah Ann8 Aug 189627 Oct 1983 England
Thomas C.1845  Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
WilliamSep 1778 Bodnum, MaryBadgeworth Glos.England
William20 Sep 17995 Mar 1876Tanner, ElizabethLittle Witcombe Gloucestershire England
William31 Mar 1833  Gloucester, England
William GeorgeAbt 1860 Capper, ElizabethEngland
William James31 May 1835 Vaughan, Margaret ElizabethGloucester England
William JamesAbt 1870  Gloucester England
William Larner15 Mar 1812 Rea, ElizabethGloucester England

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