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Please search through about 100 Hadlands born 1731-1920 to find links to your family. Please contact me (David Empson) at dempson5252@gmail.com or via the comments box. Good luck!

Name Birth date Death date Spouse Birth location
AlbertNov 14, 1874  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Ann17621779 Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Ann1794  UK
Anne1701  UK
AnnieOct 12, 1853May 1941 UK
Anthony1664Fef 1719/20HUTCHINS, MaryLittle Compton Oxfordshire UK
Caroline1868  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Charles1831 Williams, HesterLeafield, Oxfordshire, England
Charles1861  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Charles Edwin Henry1883  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Daniel1861  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Edith EmilyAbt Nov 1880  Hardwick, Oxfordshire, England
Edward1810  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
EdwinJune 30, 1841  UK
Eliza1852 Coombes, JohnLeafield Oxfordshire UK
Elizabeth17651766 Finstock Oxfordshire UK
ElizabethMay 21, 1848  UK
EllenAbt 1840 Souch, HenryUK
Ellen1857 Franklin, HenryLeafield Oxfordshire UK
Emily1856  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Emma Eliza1856  UK
Ernest1869  leafield Oxfordshire UK
ErnestNov 14, 1874  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
EstherSep 27, 1851Oct 1916 UK
Fanny1862  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Felix1871  Leafield, Oxfordshire, England
Francis1867  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Frank1868  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Frederick1870  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
George1823 JuliaLeafield, Oxfordshire, England
George1853 unknown, SarahLeafield, Oxfordshire, England
George WilliamNov 27, 1864Sep 1, 1954MITCHELL, Ada AnnFinstock Oxfordshire UK
Hadland?, AntonyAbt 1640  UK
Hannah1706  UK
Harriet1864  Leafield, Oxfordshire, England
Harriet Amy1879  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
HarriethMay 21, 1855  UK
Henry1820 Dodd, HarrietLeafield Oxfordshire UK
HenryJune 27, 1845 MaryUK
Henry1858 Unknown, EdithLeafield Oxfordshire UK
James1763  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
James1807  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Jane18031837 Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Jane1845  UK
JaneAug 14, 1862Fef 29, 1920 UK
Jesse1842  UK
John1693  UK
John1733  Fawler Oxfordshire UK
John17711827 Finstock Oxfordshire UK
JohnAbt 1801  UK
John1821 Langford, JaneUK
John1846 Giles, Miriam 'Jane'Leafield, Oxfordshire, England
John1861  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
John LewisAbt 1910  Tilehurst, Reading UK?
Joseph1863  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Leonard1865 Collett, Mary SophiaLeafield Oxfordshire UK
Leonard1866  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Lewis GeorgeJune 17, 189021, 1958YOUNG, Clara GladysWorcester UK
Mark1859 FRENCH, MaryannLeafield, Oxfordshire, England
Mary1695  UK
Mary1766   UK
Mary1854  UK
MaryJune 28, 1859Dec 5, 1896Croxton, MrFinstock, Oxfordshire, England
Mary1866  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
Mary Ann1848  UK
Nora Rebecca18891889 UK
Phoebe1851Fef 23, 1929Empson, JohnLeafield Oxfordshire UK
Richard1697Nov 1719 Spelsbury UK
Richard1779  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Rosetta1823  UK
Rosetta1875  Leafield Oxfordshire UK
RubinDec 1, 1843  UK
Sarah1703  UK
Sarah17671770 Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Sarah1775  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Sarah1797  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
StephenMay 3, 1823Fef 13, 1913BAYLIS(S), Kiziah (Kezia)Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Thomas17001752Kenche, AnnSpelsbury Oxfordshire UK
Thomas17311738 Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Thomas1760  Finstock Oxfordshire UK
Thomas18001884FRANCIS, ElizabethFinstock Oxfordshire UK
Thomas1861  UK
William17381786Tooley, ElizabethFawler Oxfordshire UK
William17691816Cliffton, JaneUK
William17921865Smith, Mary AnnFinstock Oxfordshire UK
William1817 HUTT, KeziahUK
William Thomas1864  Leafield Oxfordshire UK

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