'Sörensen' Search Page

Please search through the individuals born 1865-1914 to find links to your family. Please contact me (David Empson) at dempson5252@gmail.com or via the comments box. Good luck!

Name Birth Death Spouse Birth place
Axel Albertus4 Sep 188925 Apr 1968Persson, LisenVänersborg Sweden
Brita28 Jun 1913 Lindborg, ErnstBorås , Sweden
Ellen Ingeborg9 Oct 1898 Dec 1908 Vänersborg Sweden
Elsa28 Aug 19101994Lundh, Karl-Gustav 'Ludde'Borås , Sweden
Ernst Willhelm14 Dec 189127 Apr 1966OlgaVänersborg Sweden
John Emil14 Oct 18955 Jun 1983Svensson, Karin LinnéaVänersborg Sweden
Karin25 Sep 19141998Pehrson, GöstaBorås , Sweden
Nils Anders16 Aug 188719 Jun 1967Hedlund, GerdaVänersborg Sweden
Sören20 Jun 186525 Aug 1908Andersson, Johanna Maria'Tved på Mols' near Århus, Denmark

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