Famous Collingbourn’s (not related to us yet!)

  1. "Boscus de Colinburne" Collingbourn Wood nr Collingbourn Ducis
  1. Woodborough Manor granted to John Collingbourn until 1418
  1. Manor of Bradfield "passed by inherit to the family of Collingbourn"
  1. Richard Collingbourn Wiltshire Clerk of the Peace then 1402 MP for Marlborough, then 1403-1413 Escheator
  1. Collingbourn farm (Woodborough Manor) held by Joan, daughter of John Collingbourn
  1. Everleigh Park nr Collingbourn Ducis bestowed as patronage to William Collingbourn for life.
  1. Quidhampton Manor inherited by John Collingbourn from Lordship of John Russell.
  1. William Collingbourn (John Collingbourn’s successor). Executed for his support of Henry, Earl of Richmond (Henry VII 1485-1509). Twice Sheriff (of Worcester?). Keeper of Ludgershall Castle. Parker of Everleigh Chace. Daughters=Margaret Collingbourn (m George Cheddington) and Jane Collingbourn (m James Lowder MP for Marlborough)
  2. Battle of Bosworth: Henry VII restored Collingbourn lands.
  1. Quidhampton Manor held by William Collingbourn’s daughter Margaret and sold to Sir Bartholomew Reed
  1. Jane Collingbourn’s husband received Elcombe Park Wroughton from crown lands (formally Lord Lovell’s of Minster Lovell nr Leafield Oxfordshire- Home of the Empson family since at least 1600!
  1. and onwards, Collingbourn has been used as a middle name eg Collingbourn Fox, Collingbourn Brown, Collingbourn Beevers, Collingbourn Smith, Collingbourn Schafer, Collingbourn Booker and Collingbourn Olseth Empson!

The Collingbourne surname has a number of spellings but Collingbourne is the most common then Collingburn Collinburn and Collingbourn. See box for more obscure spellings
Where did the Collingbourns mostly live in the UK 1600-1800's (Ref 460 IGI records Jan 2000)
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