Miscellaneous Facts about the Empson Name

Empson coat of arms Empson coat of arms ref Burke's General Armory.
The Empson surname has a number of spellings but Empson is the most common with Emson next. See box for more obscure spellings

Possible Origins of the Empson Name

  1. Son of Emery (English and Welsh) ref. Halbert's Family Heritage 1990
  2. Son of Emma daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy who married Ethelred the Unready in 1002 and then in 1017 King Cnut. (ref Empson Newsletter 1, see thankyous)
How many present day Empsons are in ref Halbert's Family Heritage 1990
Where did the Empsons mostly live in the UK 1600-1800's (Ref IGI)
Where were the Empsons born in the UK 1881 census (Ref census)

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