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Below is my ancestral line on the Hadland name- from Oxfordshire England
Our family tree contains a lot more Hadlands (in a 1000+ database) in which you may search

John Charles Empson 1874-1950 Mary Ann Elizabeth Evans 1880-1960 John and Phoebe Empson (née Hadland) married April 20, 1871 in Leafield Oxfordshire England. Parents of 13 Children

Photo of John and Phoebe Hadlandclick image for enlargement

Phoebe Hadland 1851-1929 John Empson 1850-1928
Henry Hadland1820-Harriet Dodd 1824-
William Hadland 1792-1865Mary Ann Smith 1796-
William Hadland 1769-1816Jane Cliffton 1767-1842
William Hadland 1738- Elizabeth Tooley
Thomas Hadland Ann Kenche 1703-1769

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Created May 1999